With a presence in Indonesia since 2008 and has several project in Asia Pacific, we do serving several enterprise customers, telecom operators, ISPs, governments and universities, we are confident in our ability to deliver a successful outcome for you.

Our fee actually very depend on what client detail requirements , because real prices will be defined after we know more deep in our scope of work, location and term, so we can arrange person  or team that suitable for you, because each person has different day-rate, start from $ 10,00 until $ 99,00 and we always open for negotiation especially if we working with the long term cooperation. You also can choose fee between man days/rate or lump-sum per project, its depend on your requirement.

We are confident that the price that we will give to you will represent highest value and lowest prices. The all-senior team proposed incorporates individuals’ expertise as well as consulting experience highly relevant to the scope of the project.

If you wish to discuss more detail or any matter that need to clarify, do not hesitate to contact me on by skype with id “rofiq.fauzi” or by email at rofiq@idn.id.

Junior Engineer

/per day
Medium Networking Skill with low level knowledge in teaching and project management. Some of them already has certified some still on going to get it
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Senior Network Engineer

/per day
High Networking Skill with medium knowledge in teaching and project management. Thay already have certified
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Consultant / Project Manager

/per day
Expert Networking Skill with High knowledge in teaching and project management. They are had beed proved in handling project in Asia Pacific Regions.
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